Moroccan Azilal Rug 8.16 ft x 4.75 ft

Running Up a River From Morocco

The art of weaving has been perfected in Morocco and the results are bold and unique patterns on large area rugs that are called runner rugs. These large rugs come in a variety of styles ranging from traditional Moroccan rugs to more modern and contemporary designs. They ca...

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A Wide Selection of Moroccan Carpet

Moroccans have created many famous rugs from various sources like wool, camel hair, goat hair and even from metal filaments. Some of these rugs were used as household ornaments; some were used to mark one's official position while others were used as ceremonial or religious ritua...

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Handmade Geometric Mrirt Colored Rug 10.6 ft x 6.65 ft

What Are the Best moroccan azilal Rugs?

There are many kinds of drugs, the most common among them are the Berber rugs and the Moroccan rugs which are widely popular among people because they have their distinct features. The Moroccan style rugs are known for their classic style and they have been in existence since the...

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Orange beni Ourain rug 9.84 ft x 6.23 ft

The Varieties of Moroccan Rugs

The Moroccan rugs, carpets and heirlooms are the authentic hand-woven carpets, rugs, and heirlooms that were traditionally hand woven by the Moroccans. These handmade rugs have been weaving by the indigenous individuals of Morocco as early as the Paleolithic Era. Middle Ages, the...

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