For travelers like you, Moroccan Azilas is known as large

Blue Beni Ourain rug handmade 7.80 ft x 4.78 ft

For travelers like you, Moroccan Azilas is known as large, hand knotted Moroccan rugs with bold, asymmetric patterns that often appear to be confetti. You will come to love their bold designs and interesting textures that have been woven into a past history that is still being woven today. These rugs come in many colors, usually a neutral red, green, orange, yellow or blue, making them very attractive for use as wall art or even as a runner rug under your bed. The colorful, asymmetric designs of the traditional Moroccan rugs have been brought to life on a large, bold modern rug that captures the spirit of the traditional Moroccan style.

Moroccan azilal rug


What makes these large, bold modern rugs unique is the unique construction process that was used to create them. Unlike traditional Moroccan rugs, the rugs created by Moroccan artists are made from wool yarn that is derived from the Arab countries. What makes this tool even more desirable is the fact that it is considered to be one of the softest, most durable and sustainable fibers available. If you are looking for a rug that will last, this wool is the way to go.


In addition to being a soft and durable fiber, the Arabic cotton used to create these large, bold modern rugs is also one of the oldest available. Unlike the customary cotton rugs of the past, these Moroccan rugs are machine washable. This is a great advantage, especially if you travel often and want to continue using your new rug. Washing is very easy to do with a washer. You can even use a detergent that is gentle enough not to strip or damage the fibers of your new Moroccan animal rug.


The construction of a large Moroccan animal rug is simple, which is part of what makes them so attractive. The woven fibers are put together in vertical, horizontal, or diagonal patterns and knots are seldom used to join the panels together. Instead, a pre-determined pattern is used to give each panel the appearance of a hand-sewn quilt. This technique allows the designer to control the look and feel of the rug. For example, a gentle shaggy Moroccan rug can be made into a modern contemporary look using an asymmetric halo pattern while a large shaggy vintage shaggy Moroccan rug can easily be dyed to become a modern contemporary rug.


Unlike other styles of oriental rugs, the traditional Moroccan techniques have not changed all that much over centuries. In fact, some of the ancient weaving techniques are still used today to make the wools. The traditional techniques used in making these wool rugs require a specific amount of wool, thread, and needlework that is difficult to produce by machine. In order to create a large, natural looking rug the wool has to be spun in large horizontal loops to form a thick yarn. When the loop is turned into a tight fabric for the carpet, it will take on the characteristics of the knot used to make the fabric.


A large, natural-looking rug that is strong and long lasting is the product of the combination of knotting techniques used to make a handmade rug. These wools will also have a soft touch and great texture and this is what makes up the unique look of a handmade Moroccan Azilal Rug. Handmade wool rugs will usually be less expensive than a comparable store bought rug because the handmade Moroccan rugs are made by expert artisans and designers who spend time creating each rug with their own artistic touch and style. These vintage shaggy Moroccan rugs will add a distinctive touch of class to any room in your home.