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Choosing a Custom Moroccan Rug Can Be Fun and Interesting

Beniourain moroccan Rug

Do you need a special place that needs some pizazz? Do you want to make a statement in your home without spending a ton of money? Check out the wide selection of custom Moroccan rugs available! You can find Moroccan custom rugs with all shades, shapes, and style that will surely give your room an extra boost. Whether it is a living room or bedroom, you can find the right Moroccan custom rug to fit your needs. Here are some helpful tips to help you locate the perfect custom Moroccan rugs for you room:

custom moroccan rug


When hunting for a custom Moroccan rug, go with a product made from 100% pure white wool. White wool acts as a natural heat sink, absorbing the majority of any heat that comes through the floor. This helps keep your feet warm even when the room temperature may be cold. The great thing about white wool is that it is available in such a wide variety of natural colors that you are certain to find one that suits your taste.


Avoid buying a product with a polyester or nylon blend. These materials are not good choices when it comes to being a natural heat sink, as they have the tendency to absorb and retain moisture. A good quality custom Moroccan rug should be made from 100% pure Moroccan wool, as this kind of wool is known to absorb and release moisture very slowly, keeping your feet warm even after hours of sitting. Look out for handmade rugs, as these are made by local women who raise their children in traditional, rural homes. Their products are guaranteed to be made from completely natural materials. Although synthetic materials can be more expensive, they do not last as long and can wear out much more quickly.


Be sure to choose between different sizes available. While most designs come in three sizes, it is customary to have custom rugs with a larger size available, especially for bedding. Remember, a custom rug can easily measure up to a 30cm square, so take that into consideration when choosing between different size options.


Be sure that your product choice includes both woven and flat colors. In terms of which to choose, it would definitely be more convenient and easier to choose a product with a lot of different colors available. Some examples of ourain rugs that come in both woven and flat colors include Etruscan Arches, Moroccan Sisal and Bedouin Rugs. In terms of price, woven options generally cost less than flat options. As for the other two, weathered options may cost more than white wool. If you are concerned about allergies, look for organic fibers or those made from sheep wool.


Be sure that your product description includes its cleaning instructions. Beni ourain rugs, especially the ones made from white wool, should be machine-washed. However, if you need the rug to be hand-washed, select the washing instructions as well as the fabric softener used to dry the rug, since the detergent may damage the fibres.

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