Beni Ourain

Running Up a River From Morocco

Moroccan Azilal Rug 8.16 ft x 4.75 ft

Runner rugs moroccan

The art of weaving has been perfected in Morocco and the results are bold and unique patterns on large area rugs that are called runner rugs. These large rugs come in a variety of styles ranging from traditional Moroccan rugs to more modern and contemporary designs. They can also be dyed in many colors and textures including brightly colored traditional bright colors like orange, red, yellow, green and blue to neutral shades like beige, gray and brown.


One can find any colors they want in these bold and rich colors. They even have rugs that are created using bold abstract designs in a way that is not typical to Moroccan art. There are some designs that use abstract geometric shapes that can be used as patterns and the result are very unique and visually appealing. The colors may be strong and bright but the texture is always more than a pleasing one.


Some of these designs are created using very complex geometric figures that are made of vivid reds, yellows, blues and blacks. These colors can be combined in many ways to create an interesting color scheme. For instance, some of these colors can be mixed to give you a warmer palette such as the vibrant orange and then you can blend it with the beautiful brown and add more contrast by adding more blacks. Then there are more subtle ones that have deep oranges mixed with browns that are extremely attractive. Some have bold blues and greens mixed with white that create a very interesting design and look.


Of course, one of the most unique features about these rugs is the bold patterns that are woven onto the top of the rug. Most of the patterns have some sort of symbolic meaning or deeper meaning. The rugs are very detailed and symbolic. You can often times find rugs that have Egyptian symbols woven into the weaving or the Moroccans themselves would be the artists. The rugs can represent the different things the people of Morocco have known for centuries such as the horse, the snake, the eagle, the elephant and many other things.


runner rugs are very exciting to look at because they can come in any color that you want them to be. It is all up to the individual designer. They often have a theme or specific color scheme that is decided upon before the actual design is completed. The colors that you choose will be based on the mood that you want to create. For instance, red is often times a mood that is associated with love and romance, while blue is usually the opposite color.


There are many different styles and types of runner rugs available for you to choose from. If you are interested in purchasing one, you will certainly be pleased with the colors that are available. The colors can range from light colors like the sky blue that is often used by the Moroccan people, to bold colors such as the red that are popular in the Arab world. You can even find rugs that have different patterns such as the checkerboard which is popular in the Middle East. No matter what your personal choice is for colors, there will certainly be a rug out there that will enhance the decor of your home.