A Good Vintage Shaggy Moroccan Rug Can Add Decor to Your Home

Colored Moroccan Rug 9.74 ft x 6.66 ft

Moroccan azilal rug

Moroccan Azilals are small, delicate Azidal-style rugs hand knotted by hand. The term comes from Arabic and means “little Azal”. Moroccan Azilals were traditionally made for use as floor rugs in Moroccan households; they have made a successful comeback as interior and decorative rugs, mainly for use in home decor. Some types of Moroccan rugs available today have been turned into large commercial rugs, usually used in hotels and other large commercial properties.


Moroccan Azilal Rugs are a distinctive style of Berber rugs from the rural capital of the High Atlas Mountains in the High Atlas Mountains located about 180 kilometers from Marrakech. They are traditionally made from pure woollen sheep hair, dipped in vegetable oil and then flatly woven with a very finely knotted pattern of loose weave knots. They can take any colour, although pale yellow is the most common. These rugs were traditionally hand knotted by women in their households, especially in rural areas, to keep the rugs and floors dry and dirt free. Today some companies that produce Moroccan rugs have taken the process to a new level and have begun to produce them using machines.


While the traditional Moroccan art of weaving has remained largely the same, there are many different types of Moroccan rugs available, based on both the knotting and weaving techniques. These rugs, while still inspired by the ancient art of the ancients, have undergone modern trends and styling, keeping with the latest styles and designs of Western countries. The modern Moroccan rugs use mostly artificial or synthetic materials and fibers, sometimes combining them with natural wool and animal hair. The use of synthetic fibers is widespread, due to its lower cost and ability to be mass produced.


The price range for these kinds of rugs is quite variable. Usually a vintage shaggy Moroccan rug can be found for less than a hundred dollars, while more expensive options can reach well into the thousands. Vintage rugs that are very unique may also be sold in auctions, especially if they are very rare and hard to find. It is possible to find an authentic vintage shaggy Moroccan rug for as little as a few hundred dollars.


Most of the modern-day Moroccan rugs that are available are quite stylish, created using modern technology. Many are even made to order by designers, as they may need certain designs to fit their rooms. Modern technology has allowed manufacturers to produce rugs and other home furnishings that look exactly like authentic Moroccan rugs. Some dealers offer to have the rugs custom made for customers if they do not find the exact ones that they are looking for. Some online companies even offer to take photographs of old Moroccan rugs and reproduce them in a similar design, usually with a lower price tag.


With a careful search online, you should be able to locate a good deal on a good vintage shaggy Moroccan rug. Prices vary from dealer to dealer, so it may be worth visiting a few before making a choice. You will likely not find a better quality Moroccan rug for a reasonable price anywhere else. If you want to add a unique and attractive piece of decor to your home, then you definitely need to search online for a good vintage shaggy Moroccan rug.

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