Our Custom Moroccan rugs are a great way to personalize any room in your home. They can be any size and color you want. These beautiful rugs come from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Buying one online is a great way to express your personality and personalize your decor.

The process of making a custom Moroccan rug begins by hand-picking the wool from piles of sheep. Each sheep contains a different kind of wool. Consequently, there must be an even mix of wool from 100 sheep. Once the wool has been collected, the rug is then woven with colored thread to create a custom design.

While the traditional Moroccan rug is typically made from wool, you can also choose other materials. Wool from sheep is a good choice because it is softer and more flexible than other natural fibers. In addition, custom Moroccan rugs give you more control over the design and color. For example, a white wool rug can have a hand-painted border or be shaped like a palm leaf. The result is a beautiful piece of art that will fit into any room of the house.

A custom Moroccan rug may take several months to complete. It is a unique focal point in your room. Moroccan rugs are often decorated with tribal elements and abstract patterns that can blend into other interior design elements. They are also perfect for beach rooms and swimming pools because of their meditative, relaxing quality.

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