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Tips For Creating Your Own Kilim Moroccan Poufs

Beautiful square kilim Handmade pouf from Morocco

kilim moroccan poufs

The unique handcrafted Kilim Moroccan Pouffe is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. They are a stylish and comfortable way to dress up for parties or just to have fun with friends. Made from hand-woven wool yarn, each pouf is unique and made to order in your choice of colors. This article will give you some basic information on how to make a beautiful cheap Kilim Moroccan pouf.


Kilim Moroccan poufs are handmade textile products that were originally made to be worn by the women of Morocco. In modern times, these poufs can be used for a variety of fashion and dress occasions. Traditionally these poufs were hand woven woolen fabric, hand knotted and hand tied. Today they can be made from silk and other fabrics, but in general the price is the same – a pouf usually costs around the same as a hand-woven wool scarf.


How to make a film Moroccan pouf is really quite easy. The most important ingredient of this type of pouf is actually the yarn which is dyed in the color that you choose. Remember that when choosing a color for your film Moroccan poufs you need to use caution because certain colors clash and look bad together. Try to find a common shade that goes well with most fabrics. Generally you should not have any issues choosing a shade of any fabric.


Once the hand woven wool is made, it will need to be dyed. You should always choose a dye that will not bleed or discolor the fabric. Keep in mind that you may need to dye the pouf a number of times. Once the color has been applied it will need to dry. Kilim Moroccan poufs do dry fairly quickly, so keep this in mind.


Once the film Moroccan poufs are completely dry, they will need to be sewn together into a scarf. When choosing an accent color for your pouf remember that darker shades blend better with lighter fabrics while lighter colors blend better with darker ones. The scarf will generally end up being about twice as long as your arm.


Kilim Moroccan poufs are a great accent to any garment. The rich fabric makes a stunning pouf. This material is strong and durable and will stand up to everyday wear and tear. When purchasing a film Moroccan pouf remember that the size is more than likely to be longer than your arm. To avoid folding and wrinkling ensure that the fabric is large enough to allow your arms to move freely.