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Moroccan Pillow Covers For Your Living Room

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A handmade Moroccan pillow is a beautiful piece of art that will add style and character to your home. You can either make your own pillow covers or you can buy pre-made pillow covers, but if you want something completely unique, a handcrafted pillow is the way to go. They are often made from organic cotton, which is much softer than the regular cotton that is used for pillow covers. A handcrafted pillow cover is not only a beautiful decoration on your bed or on your couch, but it can be used as a throw, a sarong, a saron, or just about any other type of item that you put on display. Handmade pillow covers can also be given as gifts, or they can be used as decorative pillows in a guest bedroom or in the family room. A handcrafted pillow cover is perfect for adding an exotic touch to your home and will definitely stand out from the other throw pillows that you have.


A handcrafted Moroccan pillow cover can be made with a variety of different materials, including silk, jute, sisal, cashmere, and Georgette. You can also use different colors of thread to tie the Moroccan pillow cover together, including different colored yarns like red, blue, pink, green and yellow. You can use several threads to create a colorful, unique look, or you can use just one color, and leave the rest of the pillow cover plain so that it will match your current decor. You can choose an eyelet hole punch, or an embroidery hoop to help you create piping or ribbon patterns on your handcrafted pillow covers. Embroidery is especially popular on the plain side of the pillow covers, since it adds a decorative touch that is also easy to do.


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covers for as little as twenty dollars at most craft stores or on the Internet. A good quality handcrafted pillow cover can really give your living room a touch of Morocco. If you are looking for an unusual and stylish way to make a statement in your home, adding a beautiful handcrafted Moroccan pillow cover may be just what you need.