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The rugs of Morocco were originally made with black and white colored wool

100% Wool Azilal rug 7.34 ft x 4.92 ft

Moroccan Azilal rugs

Morocco is a country that has an amazing history. The country has been a melting pot of different cultures for over 400 years. That history includes influences from many countries including Arab, Berbers and North African countries. Some of those influences have remained and some have been completely absorbed. One common influence that people often notice in Moroccan rugs is the art of making rugs.

The rugs of Morocco were originally made with black and white colored wool. They have been dyed many times to create other colors such as blue, red, yellow and brown. It is rare to find rugs in colors other than black and white. These rugs are known as Moroccan rugs.

Black and white rugs make up the majority of the Moroccan rugs. The black and white Moroccan rugs are known by the name black and white or black and camel. The rugs were originally created as floor rugs.

The early Moroccan rugs were square. The earliest designs were simple. The squares were made by using strips of fabric and pile them to form a carpet. The look was that of the typical Moroccan home. The simplicity of the early Moroccan rugs is what still characterizes the rugs to this day.

Today the design of the Moroccan rug has not changed much. The squares are still produced by using strips of fabric and pile them to form a carpet. The basic design and the basic pattern has not changed. The only thing that has changed is the color of the rugs.

Today the Moroccan rugs are available in many different colors. These rugs are used in modern homes as well as in ancient homes. They are very versatile and will fit in with any type of decor. You can find these rugs online as well as in traditional Moroccan stores in many countries around the world.


You can buy a variety of sizes of these rugs. You will find that there is a large variety available. You can find rugs that range from the size of a postage stamp to that of a bedroom bed. They are available in different weights as well.


The Moroccan rugs are a great way to add a touch of Moroccan style to your home. They are a timeless style of rug that will never go out of style. Because the rugs are square they work well with other types of decor. You will love how these unique rugs will tie in with other things in your room. The best thing about these rugs is that they are made using a traditional method, so you know that they are going to be durable and strong.


You will be able to find several styles of Moroccan rugs. There are African rectangular rugs, black square Moroccan rugs, black round morocan rugs and black square Moroccan rug. You will also find a black square Moroccan rug that has an equal black border. This rug is called the M’Hamid. The black border on this rug comes in a darker shade of black. It also has an equal black square design.


An African oblong rug is also made by the Moroccan method. This Moroccan rug has a black square design and comes with a white square border. It was used in homes in Morocco. This particular Moroccan style was a favorite of the older women of the region.


Today you can still find some of these rugs in good condition. Some have been passed down to generations. You will usually see a black and white Moroccan couple sitting on a wooden table while talking or doing something on a rug. Other Moroccan style images include women wearing black dresses with Moroccan decor on them.


Now you know about Moroccan rugs, you should be able to find some to use in your home. You can even decorate your home in Moroccan style. Decorating should be fun and the whole family should get involved. Moroccan rugs can bring you inspiration and open your mind to the possibilities of Moroccan decor.

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