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Traditional Moroccan Rug Information

Beni ourain rug 10 ft x 6.46 ft

If you are looking to decorate your home in an oriental style, you might want to consider the traditional Moroccan rug. These rugs come from the country of Morocco and are woven with a distinctive yarn. The yarn is derived from the arab species of camel. These Moroccan rugs have been used for many centuries throughout the region of Morocco. Many people of the area still use these Moroccan rugs to this day because of their rich history.

traditional moroccan rug

When you are looking for a Moroccan rug you will find that there are two basic types to choose from. One type of this rug is the handmade wool rug. This Moroccan rug is produced by the womenfolk of the area in their own families. Although these rugs can be found in some markets, the handmade wool rug is the more expensive of the two.

You will notice that the handmade Moroccan rug is larger than the other type of Moroccan rug. This is because the wool that is used in the handmade wool rug is thicker and is not of the same size. Because the wool is thicker it is able to provide a more even finish. The handmade Moroccan rug will also cost more than the machine woven rug. This is because the hand woven rug will take longer to produce as well as cost more to create.

You will also notice that the handmade traditional Moroccan rug is priced higher than the machine woven rug. Although the price is higher, many people feel that the quality is worth the price. The price can reflect the time and effort that went into making the rug.

You may also find that there are some differences in the stitching on the two types of rugs. On a traditional Moroccan rug you will see the typical horizontal needle and square loop that are usually found on any Moroccan rug. You will find however, that the wool used to make the rug is a different fiber, which makes the rugs different in appearance and feel. In order to get the look and feel of a true Moroccan rug, you should purchase a rug that is made from a Moroccan wool.


There are many companies that make a traditional Moroccan rug. A lot of companies offer free shipping and handling to make their products available to consumers everywhere. If you would like to see for yourself what a true Moroccan rug looks like then you will want to look online. You will be able to find a large selection of rugs at very affordable prices. By shopping online for your new traditional Moroccan rug you will be able to bring this unique decorating accent into your home at an affordable price.

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