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Moroccan Handmade Rugs – Durable, Beautiful And Practical !

Moroccan rug 7.87 ft x 5.38 ft

Moroccan handmade Rugs

When you go shopping for Moroccan handmade Rugs, there are several factors that you must consider. These include the weaving techniques, colors, and patterns. Although many people believe that all Moroccan rugs use the same weaving techniques, this is not the case. In fact, some areas of Morocco have their own unique weaving techniques. To determine the best type of rug for your home, it is important to learn about the characteristics of each type of rug, including the different weaving techniques.


Legitimate Moroccan handmade carpets are crafted from 100% natural sheep wool with a few nylon threads for extra touch. Very rarely, you’ll find rugs crafted from synthetic fibers, silk, polyester, or cotton. Depending on the location of Morocco and the available resources, it sometimes depends on which area of Morocco the rug is crafted from. For example, if the rug is crafted in the southern part of Morocco, it will most likely be made with wool, while a carpet crafted in the north would most likely be made from synthetic fibers.


The fibers that are used in authentic Moroccan rugs come from Africa, Spain, Turkey, Iraq, and Egypt. All these places have different sheep that are regularly fed by local villagers. The wool that they use comes from sheep that are fed by women with young children. They are raised in hygienic conditions until the children are weaned. After the children are weaned, the sheep and the women who raise them are taking away to find their new homes. The wool that is gathered from these sheep is woven into Moroccan handmade rugs for use in households.


Today, many people are using authentic Moroccan rugs as wall-hangings. A simple way to create a unique design for a wall covering is by using a machine-made rug. These designs can range from geometric patterns to abstract motifs and they can be made to fit any size and shape. Moreover, these machine-made ones are easy to handle. They can easily hang from walls without any hassle.


The texture of authentic Moroccan carpets differs from plush cotton to fine wool, but the end results always remain soft and comfortable. Unlike machine-made ones, the rugs made in Morocco are woven using natural dyes. As such, they retain their color even after many years. Although it is possible to dye the wool, it is not advisable because this will alter its characteristic.


The material used to make these rugs is usually made from sheep skin that has been bleached and then dyed. However, nowadays, synthetic materials that can imitate the texture of natural wool are also available. The rugs have the ability to change the entire ambience of a room very fast. Traditionally, Moroccan rugs were used for interior decorating, but today they are used to make everything from outdoor patio covers to indoor furniture covers. It is therefore important to purchase genuine Moroccan rugs and not copies that have been created with high technology.

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