A Wide Selection of Moroccan Carpet

Moroccans have created many famous rugs from various sources like wool, camel hair, goat hair and even from metal filaments. Some of these rugs were used as household ornaments; some were used to mark one's official position while others were used as ceremonial or religious ritua...

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Handmade Geometric Mrirt Colored Rug 10.6 ft x 6.65 ft

What Are the Best moroccan azilal Rugs?

There are many kinds of drugs, the most common among them are the Berber rugs and the Moroccan rugs which are widely popular among people because they have their distinct features. The Moroccan style rugs are known for their classic style and they have been in existence since the...

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A Brief History of Moroccan style rug

The Moroccan style rug is probably one of the most popular drugs on the market today. These beautiful rugs have been created by skilled artisans, and they are unique because they use raw organic fibers. They can be woven together to make a high quality, durable rug that comes in ...

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