How to Purchase Moroccan Rugs

Red beni Ourain rug 8.10 ft x 5.08 ft

Beautifully pleasing, visually striking, and rich in symbolic meaning, Moroccan rugs are truly one of a kind. There are several kinds of Moroccan Rugs currently available on RugKnots, the online marketplace where you can buy high quality handmade rugs for home or office decor. The history for these sorts of rugs comes from their native homeland of Morocco. But before dive into the specifics on its varieties, let’s explore the Moroccan Area Rugs first.

These are considered to be a sub-class or variety of the Moroccan rugs, as they’re made of fine wool. Fine wool is a type of goat hair, which has been tilled so that it can be spun into yarn. The wool is spun to produce thread and then knotted to make fine garments, including Moroccan rugs. These fine wool fibers are highly sought after in the art market as well as for manufacturing gloves, socks and other clothing items. You can even have your fine wool Moroccan rugs custom designed and made to your own exact specifications.


Unlike their traditional or contemporary counterparts, these Moroccan rugs come in a wide array of styles, designs and patterns. Some of the popular designs include geometric patterns, plants such as palm trees and other foliage, animal prints, plants and flowers, zodiac signs and abstract patterns. The weaving patterns used on these kinds of rugs also vary and incorporate a variety of methods, such as catching, braided, twisted and woven. Of course, the main distinguishing characteristic of these kinds of area rugs is their stunning beauty.


The texture and colors of these kinds of Moroccan rugs range from highly detailed to extremely smooth. Often, the colors are bright and vibrant and come in shades of red, orange, yellow and blue. Usually, the patterns used for these kinds of rugs include floral designs, animal prints and geometric patterns. Some of the most common patterns used on these kinds of area rugs include floral designs, plant images, geometric patterns, animals and abstract patterns. These patterns and colors make these Moroccan rugs look absolutely stunning.

Since these kinds of rugs are hand crafted by skilled technicians using a particular method, you can guarantee authenticity when you buy a handmade Moroccan rug from an authentic merchant. In fact, authentic handmade rugs often have a certificate of authentication. This is a way of guaranteeing customer satisfaction. When you buy two rugs from the same merchant and then give them a quick visual inspection, if you find one with a certificate of authentication, you can be sure that the drugs you are buying are authentic.


You will also enjoy great quality when you buy Moroccan rugs from online shops. These shops buy their raw materials from local Morocco and then process the carpets through high heat and excellent weaving techniques. This ensures that the carpets have a smooth and beautiful finish. Buy smart and choose the right kind of carpet for your home or office.

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