A handmade kiln pouf is an exotic and stunning addition to any modern living room. Its bold ethnic embroidery spiced up with cool pastel and neutral tones spice up dull and toned down interior interiors. Usually available in a range of classic colors and designs, handmade kilim poufs made with vintage square-weave rugs or kilo slabs are a perfect addition to an urban casual seating area. The distinctive Arab influences on these beautiful hand-embroidered poufts not only add a trendy hint to contemporary interior decors, but also a feeling of craftsmanship and creativity to your home. The result is an eclectic piece of art that reflects the rich heritage of the ancient Mediterranean.

Made of 100% authentic Moroccan leather, the authentic hand woven poly exudes softness and warmth with its natural drape and intricate details. The modern day designer pouf usually incorporates colorful decorative trimmings to give it an updated look. However, it is the traditional beauty of the pouf that gives it a timeless appeal. Unlike the designer counterpart, the authentic Moroccan leather pouf is quite affordable and is available at most outlets at a reasonable price. Thus, the option to purchase this exquisite piece of artwork for a budget friendly price is one of the highlights of buying a regular price Ottoman.

The hand crafted Kilim has a beautiful exotic appearance that exudes a sophisticated beauty. The leather that is used for making these kilim poufs is quite thick and is dyed with gold or silver. This results in the color to get darker as the colors are woven into the leather fibers. The thick texture of the leather gives it a sturdy nature and strength that make it ideal for use in cushions and couch-surfers. The material is also water repellent and hence ideal for everyday use. Since the film is waterproof, it is also ideal for use in bathrooms and for everyday wet and rainy wears.

A pouf usually has a hole on one of its corners and can be fastened with a simple snap fastener. This makes it easy to carry the pouf and its accessories wherever you go. However, if you wish to display the pouf on your window, you can tie a ribbon or string around it. The advantage of having a tie around the eye is that it can serve as a safety precaution and it can prevent the leather from getting tarnished. You can also make the knot smaller by adding an additional knot on the eye of the pouches.

Multicolored moroccan kilim pouf

Traditionally, Moroccan women used to wear black leather pouches under their choli skirts to protect their eyes and it was quite a status symbol as well. With the evolution of fashion trends, black is no longer considered to be the only color of the 21st century. The use of more dye in handmade Moroccan kilim has given it an altogether different look. Ombre is a type of dye that is rich in color and it offers a unique beauty to the fabric and the film.

If you are looking for something that is durable and long lasting, the handmade Moroccan kilim is definitely the right choice. However, when you purchase it, you need to make sure that you are buying genuine pieces. You would not want to end up spending more than what you have to for something that does not last for long. There are quite a few websites that sell these handcrafted film pouches at affordable prices. Online stores usually do not charge too much on the price thus you will save a lot of money from your purchase.