Beni Ourain

Tips for Buying Beni Ourain Rugs and Moroccan Rugs 8×10

Moroccan Azilal Rug, 9.12 ft x 6.75 ft

HOMEMOROCCANRUGS takes you far beyond a simple collection of handmade rugs. It is an authentic invitation to travel through unique creations, endowed with an authentic signature and a captivating story. These rugs are designed to be welcomed into your home as true works of art.

The union of talent and a taste for beauty

The founders of HOMEMOROCCANRUGS, have a passion for art and travel. They have combined their entrepreneurial spirit, graphic design skills, to create a business that reflects their own vision. HOMEMOROCCANRUGS goes beyond the traditional notion of rugs by transforming them into genuine works of art.

Authenticity woven by hand from the mountains of Morocco

The founders have traveled through the mountains of Morocco in search of artisanal treasures crafted by skilled hands. Each rug offered by HOMEMOROCCANRUGS is a unique piece, handwoven by Berber women. These creations showcase the authenticity and ancestral art of Morocco. The handmade rugs are carefully kept in limited quantities in France and find their place in contemporary interiors of urban residences and countryside villas. Additionally, HOMEMOROCCANRUGS also offers custom-made rugs, crafted in Morocco under the supervision of a dedicated collaborator.

An invitation to travel through a rich and diverse range

The range of rugs offered by HOMEMOROCCANRUGS invites you on a sensory journey through the mountains and valleys of Morocco. Each rug tells the story of its creators and evokes ancestral craftsmanship. Among the different models, you will find the Azilal rugs with their abstract patterns, the Beni M’rirt rugs, revealing the softness and durability of local wool, the Beni Ouarain rugs, characterized by their purity and dark motifs, the Boucharouite rugs, made from recycled materials and illustrating Berber creativity, the Boujaad rugs with bold colors and meaningful motifs, the Kilims, woven flat, and the Marmoucha rugs with natural nuances. This rich and diverse range offers a cultural exploration and a journey into the heart of passionately woven traditions.


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