What Makes Azilal Rug So Distinctive

Wool MoroccanAzilal rugs 9.02 ft x 6.49

home moroccan rugs is a label based in collaboration with one of the best Moroccan artisans. We are enthusiastic about craftmanship and we’ve constructed long term relationships with the most effective artisans close to and far. Boucherouite rugs are splendidly extravagant in shade and timeless in design. These rugs of rags are exuberant and delightfully irresistible. Scraps of discarded clothes are given new life as they become part of an infinite fantasy.

They are often adorned with colored materials corresponding to wool and cotton tainted with vegetable dye or threads of recycled material of different colors. Azilal rugs background is ivory /cream, manufactured from naturel virgin wool.

The rugs are produced from virgin raw wool and dyed wool, by alternating composed patterns of one single knotted line and one or two woven strains. Each Azilal rug accommodates a tale of its weaver, in a sort of pictorial and inventive design. colourful area rug, 4×4 berber rug, woven azilal rug, Moroccan classic rug. These berber rugs weren’t woven for commercial or profit-making objective, however only for house use to deal with the rough high Atlas chilly. Currently, in Western international locations, in addition to Azilals’ regular use as rugs, they’re broadly launched in inside decoration as stunning wall ornaments or design elements. We offer both genuine classic kilim cushions and pieces given a second life through the use of parts of a broken vintage rug. Each pillow is a certainly one of a kind adding instant colour and a refined ethnic accent in any interior.

Atlas- Each piece that I hand choose throughout my sourcing trips jogs my memory of a feeling or a spot. This low pile classic boujaad piece reminded me of touring through the Atlas mountains of Morocco. The colour tones on this rug are a mix between dark browns and black reminding me how the mountains change by way of every region. Amelia- Meaning stunning moroccan rug and the name matches this handmade vintage Boujaad perfectly. I hand choose each piece throughout my sourcing trips and I discover pieces that jogs my memory of a feeling or a place. This distinctive piece showcases the inventive and artistic side of Moroccan weavers.

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Beni Ouarains rugs are characteristically knotted with a dense pile construction of natural undyed wool. These magnificent carpets have the fascinating ability to attach the lengthy historical past of nomadic Berber tribes with modern day interiors.