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Vintage Moroccan Rugs Make Great Decorating Choices

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Moroccan rugs

Beautifully pleasing, visually rich, and full of symbolic meaning, Moroccan Rugs is just one of kind. They are handmade in Morocco, from start to finish, by skilled Moroccan artisans. There are several kinds of Moroccan Rugs currently on sale on RugKnots. But before diving into the specifics on its various kinds, let’s take a closer look at the history of the Moroccan Style Rug.


In North Africa, traditionally, Moroccan rugs were woven from natural wool fibers obtained from sheep. The resulting rugs were extremely high quality and durable. Since the rugs were created by women, they typically used a natural wool fiber that easily decomposes, like cotton, jute, sisal, or camel hair.


From the days of slavery in early Morocco, these African tribal artisans had built a reputation for highly detailed artwork on their area rugs. In fact, these tribes often had their own unique designs and patterns on their carpets. In fact, some tribes used their geometric designs to produce intricate tribal patterns on their rugs, which helped define their unique culture.


As time passed, the complexity of these unique Moroccan rugs only increased. These rugs usually featured complex geometric patterns, colorful flower and plant patterns, and intricate images. Because these designs took time to be created, it became common for a tribe’s women to alternate between two or three different color patterns, or red and green and blue and yellow-green in different panels of the rugs.


Today, you can add Moroccan home decor to your home in many ways. For instance, we have seen an increase in the use of this type of carpet in both Moroccan home decor and Moroccan furniture. It’s also becoming more popular as an accent or background pattern in modern day Moroccan rugs. We have seen an increase in the use of these types of rugs as floor coverings and in the construction of floors in households as well. This is because they are extremely durable and can be easily cleaned and repaired.


One of the reasons that Moroccan rugs have become so popular is due to their versatility and incredible beauty. You will find that each rug has its own unique look and style. For example, one group of Moroccan rugs will often feature animal skin and hair, while others will feature Berber tribal designs. Another type of Moroccan rugs features open spaces and horizontal patterns. These two styles are often used by different Moroccan tribes to represent their spiritual beliefs.


Some individuals like to use the Moroccan rugs to create a visual focal point in a room. Moroccan area rugs are also commonly used to help preserve cultural heritage in a home. For example, one could find an area rug displaying the traditional carpet weaving methods used by the Berber tribes of Morocco. Individuals interested in preserving the different traditions and history of different Moroccan tribes will find that Moroccan area rugs make excellent choices for the area rugs covering their walls. In addition to being able to showcase the different culture and traditions of Moroccan society, you will also find that these kinds of area rugs make great accent rugs throughout the home.


When you choose to buy vintage Moroccan rugs you will find that there are many different options to choose from. This includes styles, colors, and sizes. You should be able to find the perfect rug to match the theme of the room you are decorating. For example, you might find that a black and white Moroccan rug would go nicely with a number of different contemporary home styles, including modern minimalist designs. Individuals with a passion for history will enjoy browsing through atlases mountains Moroccan rugs to choose the perfect piece for their home.