Beni Ourain

Tips To Identify The Best Quality Traditional Moroccan Rugs For Your Home Interior Decoration

Beni Ourain rugs 9.51 ft x 6.36 ft

If you are looking forward to buying an authentic and traditional Moroccan rug for your home interior decoration, you need to get the best quality rug for your needs.

There is a lot to consider while buying a traditional Moroccan rug, especially for those who are not really familiar with this type of rugs.

The most important factor that one should consider when purchasing traditional Moroccan rugs is the material that has been used in making them. Moroccan rugs are usually made of wool, silk, cotton, jute or camel. Each of these materials has their own unique characteristics and benefits, so it is very important that you understand the characteristics of the specific type of rug before buying one.

As far as wool is concerned, it has a natural texture that is soft and comfortable to the skin. It makes it easy for the wearer to move around with the rug without any problem. It is also the best material for high quality and traditional Moroccan rugs. However, due to its natural quality and texture, it is also quite expensive than the other materials. So it is highly recommended to choose wool as your rug material in order to save money.

Silk is a popular choice of rug material in most of the places. However, it has a natural look that makes it quite attractive and classy. Its high quality and unique texture can be easily maintained by washing it. However, it is not advisable to clean it very often because of the fact that it can fade very quickly.

When it comes to jute or camel rugs, their color ranges are varied. The colors vary from brown, red, green, and blue. The jute fiber is used extensively in Moroccan rugs because it is known to be the best natural fiber for carpets. It is a very light colored fiber that is made of natural material. This is also considered as one of the best types of fibers used in making quality traditional Moroccan rugs.

Cotton rug is another material that is very attractive and affordable. Their price ranges are also quite attractive. There are some cotton fibers that are made up of very fine quality fiber and the color ranges vary from green, blue, purple, and pink. But all of them are good quality and affordable in nature.

While it is very essential to know the different types of materials used in making Moroccan rugs, it is also important to know the different price ranges and brands of them. You can find many cheap Moroccan rugs over the internet, but you can also find the best quality traditional Moroccan rugs for higher prices at some of the online stores. So keep these tips in mind and search the best deals online.