Vintage Pillow pouf kilim 18” x 18”

What is a Moroccan Pillow ?

If you're looking to add a pop of color and character to your home, you'll want to consider purchasing a Moroccan pillow. These pillows feature fabric from Marrakech and a pattern is known as zellij. You'll find that the Moroccan pillow blends in well with other fabrics, and its ...

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Handmade Geometric Mrirt Colored Rug 10.6 ft x 6.65 ft

What Are the Best moroccan azilal Rugs?

There are many kinds of drugs, the most common among them are the Berber rugs and the Moroccan rugs which are widely popular among people because they have their distinct features. The Moroccan style rugs are known for their classic style and they have been in existence since the...

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