Beni Ourain

Moroccan Kilim Rugs Add Style and Beauty to Your Home Decor

Colored Moroccan Rug 9.74 ft x 6.66 ft

Moroccan kilim rugs

When it comes to locating the ideal rug, nothing gets more classic than Moroccan kilim rugs. These luxurious rugs originate from the northwest corner of Morocco known as the Maghreb region. Traditionally, these rugs are crafted from a finely-woven sisal or tightly-woven cotton fabric. They are popular in Moroccan households because they are quite durable and have a long life. Some also come with decorative motifs that add character to the rug.


One of the most distinctive features of Moroccan kilim rugs is their high lustre and weft quality. They are woven by expertly skilled women who tie the wefts together with a knot called a Beni Ourain. This knot is a tight interlocking combination of strands of wool tightly braided. In Moroccan terminology, Beni Ourain signifies that the weft, or thread, is completely woven. The thread is braided at least 35 times, making each thread unique.


When purchasing a Moroccan rug, make sure it is made from genuine Merino sheep hair, not silk. While silk rugs look really beautiful when choosing well, they tend to fade over time and are not suited for interior home decor as they can be bulky and weighty. The great thing about these types of Moroccan rugs is that they come in a wide array of colors, lengths and textures so it is possible to match every room of your home to some extent.


Another great aspect about Moroccan rugs is that they are quite easy to clean. Kilim rugs may have been manufactured over hundreds of years, but their construction is robust. As long as you dry clean them regularly, you will not have any problems with them. Kilim rugs need to be periodically treated to ensure that they maintain their integrity and strength. Some of these treatments are very basic such as using soap and water. Others involve specialized treatments which may include heat, acid or even boiled linseed oil.


One of the things that really distinguishes Moroccan rugs from other types is the color. Although many people are not used to seeing rugs featuring vivid colors, these kilim rugs are an excellent way to add color to a room without over doing it. These rugs come in a variety of natural colors and tones so you are able to easily coordinate your home decor. A good example would be to pair a light, blue rug with a dark, solid black couch.


In addition to being a very stylish option for your home, Moroccan rugs can also be a great investment. The good thing about purchasing one of these home decor items is that it usually holds its value quite well. Many people find that their old rug holds up for years, much longer than any type of carpet. Of course, you do not want to put your home decor investments in jeopardy so be sure to always treat your film with care. By putting a little time and effort into caring for your rug, you can increase its life span and value. And who knows, if you decide to sell your home in the future, your old Moroccan rug could be the one that makes all the difference!