Boujaad Rug

How To Buy A Boujaad Rug ?

The boujaad rug, or Moroccan rugs as they are also known, are one of the most unique types of rugs that are available. This is because these rugs have been made for many different years in various countries such as Morocco, Spain, France and the United States. They have all taken their own unique style from the Moroccan culture and are now available to people around the world. Here is a look at some of the most popular varieties that can be found on the market.

Beni Ourain Berber Rugs: These are some of the oldest known Moroccan rugs and were first used by the Berbers. They are generally made from wool or camel hair and they are named so because of the fibers that are characteristic of this type of fabric. These rugs have been around since the thirteenth century but there is no evidence as to when the tradition of making them began. These Berber carpets are highly valued by collectors today because they are highly unique and come in a large variety of colors.

Beni Ourain Elite Rugs: These are some of the more expensive Beni Ourain rugs because they are made from wool and even though the rugs do not actually originate in Morocco they are still considered to be part of the cultural fabric of Morocco. The elite range of these rugs has a great deal of intricacy in their design as well as being very colorful. These rugs can also come in quite a few different shades including white, tan, and beige to name a few. These rugs are usually constructed using an aqward knot construction which makes them especially nice and eye catching.

Beni Ourain Elite Rugs: These are one of the more basic styles of Moroccan rugs. They can come in either plain beige or white colors but more often than not they are sold in combination products with other types of rugs. This is done to emphasize the grandeur of the carpet when it is put together with the other pieces. Another unique thing about these rugs is the way that they are laid. They are usually laid on their sides in what is called tablas which is named after the town of Tabassa in Morocco.

Beni Ourain Elite Rugs: Another of the famous styles of Moroccan rugs is the boujerouite rug which was originally a traditional product of Morocco. The idea for the boujerouite rugs came from the fact that when Moroccan women walked in the streets they would carry baskets of flowers. These flowers would then be dyed a particular color which ranged from pink to yellow and two white which was how the boujerouite rug was designed.

The boujaad is also known as the Moroccan flower rug due to its relation with the tradition of Moroccan decoration. You can find some of the most beautiful vintage Moroccan rugs online at highly discounted prices. Try to search for sellers who specialize in selling discounted antiques and vintage Moroccan rugs to see if you can find a better deal on an antique product. Do this once you are sure of your choice!