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Decorating With Traditional Moroccan Rugs

Decorating With Traditional Moroccan Rugs

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Moroccan rugs and carpets are simply the oldest weaving works, carpets, and weaved fabric that were traditionally hand woven in Morocco. Traditionally, Moroccan hand-woven rugs were woven for utility rather than for aesthetic purposes. Today, Moroccans are more interested in using modern techniques and materials to produce modern carpet designs that are not only interesting but also very pleasing to the eye.


Modern day Moroccan rugs and area rugs come in a wide array of colors, patterns, styles and themes, making them unique and unlike anything else available on the market. There is a great diversity in the texture and patterns as well as the color palette. There are two different types of Moroccan rugs-the traditional Moroccan rugs and the modern ones. Each one exhibits a distinctive visual and tactile characteristic of its country of origin as well as different weaving techniques that distinguish it from other similar patterns.


The more contemporary Moroccan rugs include the Azil Berber rugs, which are made of wool. The wool is usually camel hair that is dyed in dark shades of reds, blues and blacks, usually with some animal hairs that give it the irregular and speckled appearance. These rugs can be found all over the world and were introduced to Europe during the eighteenth century. They are also known as the atlas rugs as they were first used to identify places that were strategic points in ancient maps.


Some people prefer the more colorful Moroccan rugs which have a combination of natural color with a sharp contrast of bright colors that stand out. There are many interior designers that prefer this type of design as they often portray the desert as a beautiful oasis where the colors of nature are more vibrant and inviting. They create a very desert themed room by adding lots of bright and bold colors that are in the midst of a tiled or carpeted floor. You can use a bright desert themed rug as the focal point in the room. Some choose to put an accent rug in front of a couch or bed to further enhance the colors that you have chosen. Either way, you can make your space more inviting to a more natural feel.


The more traditional Moroccan rugs can be used as floor coverings, wall decor and even as decorative pieces. They are usually created with bold geometric patterns that include geometric squares, dodecagonous shapes and rectangles in multiples. These patterns are often combined with wool that is woven delicately to create a soft and fuzzy feel. You can find these types of rugs at most carpet stores or at online retailers who sell oriental and traditional home decor products.


Choosing traditional Moroccan rugs is easy because they come in so many different colors, sizes and styles. The main thing is that they feel good to the touch. Most of them are quite thick compared to modern rugs but they still have room for a few extra pillows under the couch or bed. Modern styles usually don’t have this luxury. If you are looking for an oriental theme for your home or office, then go for traditional rugs that feature simple and intricate patterns and textures.