Boucherouite rug

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Boucherouite kilim rug 6.95 ft x 4 ft

Boucherouite rugs are actually a type of wool that has been developed in Morocco. It is considered by experts to be one of the finest types of natural wool available on the market today. It was developed by a group of moroccan women during the 1870’s who managed to develop this process from using sheep wool obtained from locally raising herding dogs. The fibers that can be produced are strong and durable, as well as flexible, which makes it ideal for use as a textile for outdoor furniture. The use of these fibers has allowed the women to successfully market Boucherouite rugs throughout the region and to create a highly recognizable brand.

Small Moroccan Boucherouite Rug, 4.69 ft x 2.39 ft

Boucherouite rugs are known for being both unique and extraordinary. They are woven using a unique technique that features round-shaped knots that feature a natural silk appearance. This makes the rugs highly desirable for use as a floor covering, because not only is their unique style and look striking, but they also manage to provide exceptional resistance to stains, wear and tear, and sunlight fading. This makes them ideal for use in a wide variety of settings from traditional homes and commercial establishments to casual gardens. Moreover, because they are handmade, they ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship available.

Boucherouite rugs are widely available in a number of different styles. For instance, a person can purchase rugs that feature a classic southern twang appearance or those that feature the unique seascape appearance that is created when light reflects off of water. However, if someone would like to purchase a high quality handmade product that features vibrant colors, the color of the rugs can be custom designed to match the overall decor in any room. Boucherouite rugs are available online and in some high-end consumer oriented specialty stores that offer custom designed products.